Jackie Chan’s Estranged Daughter Says She’s Homeless

Jackie Chan's Estranged Daughter Says She's HomelessSTX Entertainment

The estranged daughter of Jackie Chan, Etta Ng, has made claims she and her girlfriend are homeless due to ‘homophobic parents’.

Ng, who’s Chan’s daughter via an extramarital affair – according to the Express – spoke in a YouTube video how her and her girlfriend, Andi Autumn – a social media influencer from Canada – are living rough and sleeping ‘under a bridge’.

The two are now appealing for help from the online community after being homeless for a month.

The 18-year-old is Chan’s daughter, from an affair he reportedly had with Hong Kong actress, Elaine Ng.

However, the international action star rarely acknowledges her in public.

Last week Ng and Autumn recorded a two-minute long video, which was uploaded to YouTube, letting people know their situation.

In the video Ng introduces who herself as ‘Jackie Chan’s daughter’ alongside her ‘girlfriend Andi’, claiming:

We’ve been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We pretty much slept under a bridge.

The couple claims they’ve reached out to the police, food banks annd LGBTQ+ centres for help, but they keep getting turned away.

Autumn says authorities may force the two to be separated if they get help from a shelter.

Ng goes onto say:

All of them just don’t give a sh*t. So that’s why we’re making this video because we don’t know what to do at this point.

We just want to let people know what’s going on because at this point it seems ridiculous that no one can help. I don’t understand?


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In an interview back in 2015, Ng claimed she and Chan don’t have much of a relationship, regarding him as a stranger who’s far from earning her forgiveness ‘after all these years’.

In the interview she also says:

He is not my dad. I have no feelings for him. He is my biological father but he is not in my life.

He never existed in my life. I will never regard him as a father.

I would not say that he is my dad. I would say, ‘Oh, Jackie Chan, an actor’.

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Chan himself has been very reluctant to mention his estranged daughter, according to MailOnline – one of the rare occasions he spoke about her was during a promotion for 2004’s Around The World In 80 Days.

Chan said:

I know I have failed my daughter, but since her mother is that kind of a person, I don’t know how to treat [my daughter]?

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In her video with Autumn, which has amassed over 64K views on YouTube, at the time of writing, Ng said:

Two people in love that share true love are trying not to get split apart and they’re trying to f*ck us over just because – I don’t understand it – I love her.

According to Asian Correspondent, same-sex marriage and civil unions are not recognised in Hong Kong.

Ng came out publicly last October about her sexuality, making the announcement via her Instagram account.

She wrote: [after] ‘years of negativity, living in shame’ and fear she came to realise ‘it’s easier to accept that I am never meant to love or be loved’.

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