Jade Goody’s Widower Just Made Shocking Admission About Their Life

Jade Goody - WeddingPA

Jade Goody’s widower has gone on a bizarre social media rant claiming that he and Jade used to make up stories to fund their celeb life style. 

Former Z-List celebrity and current nobody, Jack Tweed, took to Twitter yesterday in the hopes of reminding the world he exists.

In the strange rant, Tweed claimed that he and Jade would lie to papers to earn money, and once bought a car with their ill gotten gains, The Mirror reports.

Tweed, who Google rather generously informs me is a television personality, claimed that papers will believe any old bullshit, and that he and Jade used to lie to them all the time.

He wrote:

Some strange clueless people in that z list world that believe anything.

The amount of bullshit that me and jade used to make up When she wanted a new car or whatever just make some lie up every1 believes it 4 storys and 30k later ur laughing.

The rant began with Tweed raging at his ex Chanelle saying, rather ironically, that she’d do anything for ‘a pound note’, claiming that she’d deliberately put on weight to bait the paparazzi and planned on releasing a fitness DVD.

That’s when Jack brought up Jade, who died back in 2009, after a seven-month battle against cervical cancer. She was only 27-years-old.

Jade Goody - WeddingPA

People weren’t happy with him mentioning Jade, either, with one asking: “Why bring up Jade?! Not really fair is it?” To which, he responded: “If I want to talk about my wife I will thanks.”

Despite his outburst, Tweed has since claimed he was actually lying in his tweets and that they never lied to the press.

I don’t know what to believe anymore!