Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals How He Got In Ridiculous Shape For Southpaw


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Jake Gyllenhaal cuts a rather muscly figure these days, with his weight gain to play the role of boxer Billy Hope in Southpaw changing his body type dramatically.

The actor gained 15lbs of pure muscle for the role, and claimed that he took more than a couple of actual blows during the course of filming, with the task being made even harder as the actor had lost 30lbs for his role in Nightcrawler, leaving his physique almost unrecognisable from its usual form.

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The actor spoke about how brutal the training and fight scenes were and claimed:

We shot the fights in the first two weeks of the movie, so I trained for basically five months up to those fights. We shot four fights in a row.

I just trained like a boxer. As you learn the skills, that stuff just happens in your mind and in your body.

The thing was, whenever I took a real hit, my first thought was, “someone better have got a good f****** angle on that.


The film centres around New York boxer Billy Hope after the death of his wife, and hits cinemas at the end of July.