James Bulger’s Father Says ‘Details Never Came Out’ About Son’s Death

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James Bulger’s father has hinted how the full details of his son’s death were never revealed to the public.


In an interview on ITV‘s Good Morning Britain today, (February 12), Ralph spoke with Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway about how he believes Jon Venables’ identity should be revealed.

Ralph said people deserve to know the identity of the killer because you ‘wouldn’t want this person living next door’ and to ensure nobody else was ‘at risk’.

When asked whether there was a risk of people taking the law into their own hands in the event of Venables’ identity being revealed, Ralph hinted at the true extent of violence committed on his child:

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He said:

The extent of what they done to James, you’ve got to look at it to see how sick they really are.

It doesn’t come out, exactly what they did to him. They tell you a bit, which is a little bit of quite a lot…

The conversation was hard to watch for some viewers after Ralph said it was difficult for him to remember James without the pain of his death looming over him.

He also said unequivocally, Venables should be kept under surveillance 24/7 to ensure no risk to the public.


He continued:

Personally I’d like to see him kept away from the public so he can’t do anything to another child.

You’ve got to keep on top of this person because he’s just waiting to do something in my eyes.

A former inmate who was serving time alongside Venables has also called for his identity to be revealed to the police.


James Heap recently revealed how Venables used to brag to the other inmates at the Red Bank secure unit on Merseyside about killing two-year-old James Bulger.

According to Heap, Venables described the murder of Bulger – which shocked the entire nation back in 1993 – as if he was ‘going to the shop’.

Speaking to the Mirror, Heap recalled:

A few days later I found out who he was and what he was really in for. I was shocked.

He was playing on a games console when I said to him: ‘Why the hell did you do that to that kid?’

He just laughed. I said: ‘What’s so funny?’ But he just kept laughing.

I punched him in the mouth. To laugh about that is just sick. He talked about how he took the kid and how he was too good or too clever for anyone to see him. I remember he said: ‘I done it easy’.

He said it like it was a normal thing to do, like going to buy a newspaper. Like it was easy to him and nothing to him.

It was like it didn’t matter – like he was proud. There wasn’t any remorse on his face, not one bit. No shame, nothing.

It was mental. You’d have to hear him and see the face on him when he was saying it to be able to believe it.


This wasn’t the only attack on Venables, according to Heap, who claimed he almost died two months later from a second attack.

Venables was sent back to prison last week, after being caught with paedophilic images.

A recent petition to reveal Venables’ identity has reached 100,000 signatures and could be debated in Parliament in the future.

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