James Corden’s Christmas Carpool Karaoke Is One Of The Best Ever


It’s not Christmas until Mariah’s tune has busted out all over town, so now the festive season must be in full swing, as she joined James Corden for a seasonal Carpool session. 

Comedian James Corden, went all out this time for his popular karaoke skit, reeling in a huge selection of celebrities including Adele, Lady Gaga, and Elton John to screech Mariah’s infamous song.


As part of his Late, Late Show antics, the presenter drove his SUV jammed full of Christmas gifts and turned to thank the high-pitched singer for helping him with his shopping, the Daily Mail reports.

He said:

Thank you so much for helping me with my Christmas shopping, just to have a different perspective on what to get.


He then cheekily asked the superstar what she would like for Christmas, leaving the gate wide open for her response…

To which she replied:

I don’t know, I don’t want to ask for something that is too expensive, something too much… I want you to sing my song All I Want For Christmas Is You


Of course that was her answer, no-one does Christmas spirit quite like Mariah…

Here they are in action:

She got her Christmas wish and much more, as a whole host of performers joined in to grant her request – even Disney stars Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas popped up to sing a tribute to the star.

Selena didn’t hold back, complete with the Christmas queen’s hand movements, channelling her inner diva like a pro.


Chris Martin, Gwen Stefani and rockers Red Hot Chill Peppers, also dropped by to spread some festive cheer.

The Coldplay front man sported a batman top for the occasion and the Chilli lot looked beside themselves with happiness because that’s just the effect Mariah has.


I’m overwhelmed by the sheer festiveness of this on-point mash up, I can’t stop watching it.

It’s definitely a Carpool to end all Carpools:

If this doesn’t get you in the festive mood then I don’t know what will…