Jamie Foxx Records Himself Being Racially Abused In Restaurant


Footage of two men subjecting Jamie Foxx to a racially-motivated verbal attack has been posted online.

In since-deleted comments on his Instagram page, the Django Unchained star reacted to the incident on Monday.

Two men, aged 44 and 50, used racist slurs towards Foxx while he was dining in a restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia, reports Total Croatia News.

Foxx uploaded two videos to Instagram in which he claims the men addressed him with the derogatory word, ‘crnčuga’, which translates as ‘n*****’.

According to Foxx’s account, the restaurant staff escorted the perpetrators off the premises.

Police on the scene said the two men were insulting staff and customers ‘in a particularly arrogant and rude way’, adding that the elder perpetrator ‘insulted one of the guests on racial grounds’.

Jamie Foxx/Instagram Stories

Local police confirmed they have reported the incident and are investigating further. They say a misdemeanour charge will be filed and the two men will be punished for disturbing the peace, according to local news reports.

Foxx is in Dubrovnik filming Robin Hood: Origins, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, in which he will play Little John.