Jamie Foxx’s Real Name Isn’t Actually Jamie Foxx And Fans Are Stunned


Jamie Foxx’s real name isn’t actually Jamie Foxx and no one knows what is real anymore.

The shock you may feel is a sentiment shared by many of the Hollywood actor’s fans, who have been in the dark about his true identity.

Foxx wasn’t born with his canine surname – or even his Christian name – at all. The 49-year-old was in fact born Eric Marlon Bishop, and I’m betting the scales have now fallen from your eyes.

You’re not alone in the re-evaluation of your life’s truth though. This young 19-year-old called Katelyn is equally surprised, expressing her emotions with some apt crying face emojis.

After receiving some hate for her innocent ignorance, she again tweeted:

As it turns out, Jamie Foxx was born long after Bishop began performing in 1985, but because of the norm-core choice of stage name, many people never realised it was a pseudonym.

Others commented eloquent responses, such as, ‘dafuq’, ‘wow’ and ‘wait what’.

This bloke called Eric weighed in on the debate too:

As it happens, Eric chose to present himself to the world as Jamie Foxx because it sounds genderless, and female comedians were more likely to get picked to perform at comedy improv shows.

But what’s in a name? A Jamie Foxx by any other would still act as well.