Jammiest Woman Ever Wins $1Million On Scratch Card, Again


An unbelievably lucky woman from Massachusetts has just won $1million (£655,286) on a scratch card – for a second time.

Constance Carpenito recently won the money on the Diamond Millionaire instant game run by the Massachusetts Lottery. Her luck was originally in 19 years ago when she won $1million on another scratch card.

Just in case that wasn’t enough (which it was), she had previously won $20,000 (£13,000) on a third winning scratch card. Ms Carpenito told the Boston Herald: “I’m lucky what can I say? You’ve got to be lucky to win a million twice.” You don’t say.

She bought all three of her winning tickets at her local supermarket, Stop & Shop, where she spends $20 (about £13) on lottery tickets every week.

So she’s spent roughly £13,000 on scratch cards in the last 20 years, still not a bad return, is it? Makes you sick.