Japan Mobilises Troops After Warning Of North Korea Missile Attack

by : UNILAD on : 30 May 2016 16:39
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Waiting anxiously for a possible North Korean attack, Japan has put its military ‘on alert’, both national and international media have reported.


However, that’s not all, as the government in Tokyo has also ordered their naval destroyers and anti-ballistic missile to be on high alert and ready to shoot down any missiles fired towards Japan.

According to Al Jazeera, an unidentified government official confirmed that an order was issued out of fear of a serious impending attack threat from the North.

But, worryingly, this isn’t the first time Japan has had to up its defence game against North Korea – hell, it isn’t even the first time this year – as the country has already had to put its anti-ballistic missile forces on alert at least twice in 2016 after detecting signs of launches by North Korea.

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Back in January, under Kim Jong-un’s orders, North Korea conducted their fourth nuclear ‘test’ in January before following it up with numerous different missile launches with several different types of projectiles.

Flashback too to the end of March when Kim was back at it with the threats of mass destruction and launched a tirade of missiles into the Sea of Japan, while ranting about ‘burying his enemies at sea’, reports the Daily Mail.

In that particular instance they fired five missiles into the Sea of Japan, and that was just one of the many missile launches of recent times.


Following the news of the Japanese military being ‘on alert’, Japan have launched advanced Aegis vessels into the Sea of Japan that are capable of tracking multiple targets, and are armed with SM-3 missiles which are designed to destroy any incoming warheads while they are in space.

Patriot PAC-3 missile batteries, designed to hit warheads near the ground, are deployed around Tokyo and other sites as a second and final line of defence.

A missile striking Japan has global implications, with America pledged to join the fight against attackers, raising the prospect of war.

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