Japanese Public Schools To No Longer Check Students’ Bra Or Underwear Colour

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Japanese Public Schools To No Longer Check Students' Bra Or Underwear ColourPA Images

A school board in Japan has abolished a horrifying practice in which members of school staff checked the colour of students’ underwear.

School workers in Japan will no longer be allowed to check the colour of children’s underwear to ensure they’re following the white-only dress code.


Teachers are said to have preyed on female students by pulling at their bra straps to check the colour, or watching the children and teens as they change for gym classes to ensure they’re wearing the right colour underwear.

Japanese Public Schools To No Longer Check Students' Bra Or Underwear Colour Pexels

The Department of Education in Japan’s Saga Prefecture carried out an investigation into 51 schools in the area, and discovered that 14 of them had uniform restrictions requiring students to wear white-only underwear.

After concerns over the way in which school staff were enforcing the bizarre rule, by violating children’s privacy to inspect the colour of their underwear, the education board has now announced that all 14 schools have abolished the rule.


According to News On Japan, there will no longer be any rules around the type of underwear students choose to wear, starting from the new school year, which is due to begin in just a few weeks.

Japanese Public Schools To No Longer Check Students' Bra Or Underwear Colour Pexels

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Meanwhile, the board has also abolished rules that required males and females to adhere to different uniform codes, in a bid to be more accommodating to anyone who identifies as non-binary or gender fluid.

In addition, two schools opted to abolish a rule that says they’re not permitted to have lap blankets in schools. Many students in the country often opt to use blankets in schools as they often don’t heat school buildings, even in winter.


It’s hoped that other prefectures in the country will follow in Saga’s footsteps in abolishing the unsavoury practices.

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