Japanese Yakuza Split Sparks Bloody Gang War Across The Nation


A split in Japan’s largest Yakuza syndicate has caused a rapid increase in gang warfare across the island nation.

Ten of Japan’s 47 prefectures have been hit by the increasing criminal tensions, reports RT.

Since March 21 a staggering 17 fights between gang members have been registered with police, said Taro Kono, chairman of the National Public Safety Commission.

He warned:

The situation is exceptionally serious.


As yet there have been no reports of regular citizens being caught in the crossfire but concern is mounting.

On Monday a major incident was reported in Tokyo’s Adachi district which saw 20 Yakuza fighters take part in a bloody battle, but when police arrived even the injured had successfully fled the scene.

The split in the Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza syndicate in 2015 saw their numbers decrease from 23,400 to 14,100, with a reported 6,100 members forming the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi which is now present in 36 of the 47 regions.

It is believed these crime syndicates have links to a wide variety of activities including arms dealing, drugs, prostitution, gambling, construction, financial fraud, and ultra-nationalism, but under the guise of private businesses they are difficult to monitor.

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

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