Jar Jar Binks Actor Believes Sith Fan Theory Is True

by : UNILAD on : 15 Mar 2016 14:43

The theory that Jar Jar Binks disguised a strong connection to the dark side by acting like the village idiot has gathered considerable pace online, and it now seems incredibly likely.


That’s because the actor who played the most detested character in the franchise’s history has weighed in with his opinion.

Ahmed Best told Jamie Stangroom for his YouTube show These Are The Actors You’re Looking For that the unpopularity of Jar Jar led to certain scenes being cut that were big clues, and he also commented on how his career was almost reset due to that same hate.

Check it out:


Best said of the evil Jar Jar theory:

What I can say about it is, and I’ve kind of said this on Twitter, there is a lot about it that’s true. There are some things about it that are not true. Could Jar Jar have evolved into that? I think the answer is yes.

Because of the backlash, and rightfully so, Lucas Film backed off of Jar Jar a lot. But a lot of the influence that I put into the character mirrored a lot of what was already in the Star Wars universe.

Was there an official Darth Jar Jar in the works? That’s really a George Lucas question, I cannot answer that question.

He certainly has made his opinion known on social media…


This theory legit has more than mere legs now.

Forget asking George Lucas, it’s pretty much over to JJ Abrams as to whether he wants to bring back a character which is pretty universally hated just so that everyone can hate him some more.


Jamie Stangroom/YouTube
  1. Jamie Stangroom/YouTube

    Ahmed Best says DARTH JAR JAR theory is TRUE!