Jason Manford Deletes Twitter Account After Trolls Hound Him For Ariana Grande Tweet

by : UNILAD on : 24 May 2017 14:19

Jason Manford appears to have deleted his Twitter account after defending his comments on the Manchester terror attack.


The comedian was reduced to tears at home as he talked about the attack at Manchester Arena at the end of an Ariana Grande show which left 22 dead and 102 others injured.

Shortly after the news broke, Jason – who was from Greater Manchester – addressed his fans in a 40 minute Facebook Live video.

In the video,  he paid his respects to the 22 victims, and said his young children could have been among them, as they are fans of the singer.


Jason also sent a tweet directed at Ariana, after she wrote she’d been left “broken” by the events that had taken place after her show.

He said:

You gave those kids the night of their lives, their hearts were full of joy & happiness and that was because of you. Remember that.


However, his comments received a mixed reception prompting Jason to respond: “If you can’t say anything nice, shut the fuck up.”

When another user suggested Manford should be focusing on the feelings of victims, rather than Ariana, he was forced to retaliate: “How childish. I like to think I’m able to feel for all people [affected].”

Jason has also responded to trolls claiming he’d posted the video on Facebook to in an attempt to get media coverage.

He wrote on his Facebook account:

Thanks for all of you who came on Facebook Live and chatted to me last night. I felt like a lot of us needed to chat and I’m so thankful for your understanding and care and love.
As I said on the chat, I knew the next day it would be taken out of context and used against me like the comments on some of the news websites. This is always going to be the problem when old media report on new media.
I was chatting to like minded fans and friends on my own fan page, you stick it on a news site and everybody can judge and stick their tuppence worth in.
As you know, I would never make something like this about me, but it is about all of us and how we deal with it and what we do next.  But we know. I was there for you and you were there for me in a desperate hour.

Jason paid tribute to the brave emergency services who rushed to the scene to help save lives, saying that while most people were running away from the danger zone, the police and paramedics were heading towards it.

So far 10 of the 22 victims have been named and a number of people are still reported missing.

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