Jason Momoa Trolls His Fans In Relationships In The Best Way

Jason MomoaPA

Jason Momoa trolls fans in relationships in the most hilarious way when posing for photos with them. 

Momoa is a lot of things; actor, model, owner of great hair – but one thing he is not is a third wheel. The Aquaman star has developed a unique trick to make sure that’s the case whenever he poses for photos with couples.

Rather than just standing with his arm around each person for a forced ‘Look, we met Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones!’ photo, the actor really makes the effort to get up close and personal with his fans.

Well, half of them.

When approached by a couple, Momoa sees an opportunity for mischief and grasps it with both hands.

He takes his pick of one of the pair and wraps himself around them in a hug, all the while expertly excluding the other person and making them seem like the odd one out in the picture.

His methods of exclusion include keeping them at bay with his foot, pretending to punch them, turning his back to them or even signing his name right over their face, and through the range of outfits he’s seen in it seems like the actor has been enjoying stealing other people’s partners for quite some time.

The 39-year-old has even torn families apart, and he’s never looked happier:

The brilliant momento certainly gives fans the opportunity to spin a good story to go along with the photo; all those who were lucky enough to be the chosen ones can tell their tragic love-triangle tale of how Momoa so desperately wanted to be with them, but they fought the urge and returned to the person they came with.

After a few luxurious minutes spent snuggled up with Momoa and imagining what life would be like, of course.

Admittedly it was probably more enjoyable for the person who got to have Aquaman himself wrap his arms around them as opposed to the person who had to watch their partner embrace the handsome man, but still fun all the same!

The best results were when the scorned member of the couple really committed to the role, like this guy:


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