Jason Momoa Wants To Play Kratos In God Of War

Wikimedia Commons

The former Game Of Thrones actor is eyeing an iconic video game character as his next challenge.

Jason Momoa has taken on some huge roles since becoming Khal Drogo in GoT, he’s swung swords as Conan the Barbarian and is due to set ‘nerdgasms’ at an all time high as Aquaman in this year’s upcoming Justice League film.

Now he wants to take on the role of one of the angriest men in gaming, Kartos from God Of War.

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It’s no secret that Sony have been itching to do a movie adaptation of one of their beloved franchises and Momoa would be a perfect fit as the ‘Ghost Of Sparta’. Furthermore he has expressed interest in the role.

At a recent film and comic convention, he joined a video panel and confirmed that he’d love to take on the role of Kratos.

As reported by PlayStation Universe, a member of the audience asked him if he was familiar with the series.

Momoa replied:

I saw pictures of that guy; I would love to play him.

He was also asked if Sony were to, hypothetically, contact him about the role would he take it, he responded with a resounding ‘Hell yeah’.

As we said before the Momoa would make a perfect Kratos if the film was given the greenlight.

Artist Bosslogic has even produced concept art of what Momoa as Kratos would look like.

Now before we all get excited let’s remember one thing here: movie adaptations of video games are usually – for lack of a kinder word – garbage.

From 90’s car crashes like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and Street Fighter to modern day flops like Assassins Creed and Warcraft, the reputation of video-game-to-silver-screen adaptations are absolutely terrible (yet we still watch them).

That being said you never know, a potential God Of War movie could defy the odds and prove a masterpiece for the ages. It could be the Citizen Kane of video-game-to-movie adaptations… we wouldn’t bet on it though.