Jay Z Annoyed Half Of America With T-Shirt He Wore On Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live / NBC

Actions tend to speak louder than words – especially if you’re a worldwide famous rapper – step up Mr Jay Z….

His performance on the 43rd season premiere of Saturday Night Live has spoken volumes, giving a clear and direct message to those around the world, particularly in America.

This time, it wasn’t his words causing controversy, or an argument he had with his sister-in-law claiming the spotlight, it was simply the rapper’s choice of outfit.


For the kickoff episode – hosted by Ryan Gosling – the rapper perfromed two songs off his latest album, 4:44, wearing a Colin K NFL jersey.

In doing so, Jay Z showed his support for the NFL player Colin Kaepernick and all the others protesting police brutality and racial injustice across America during the national anthem.

Jay Z first performed his song Bam alongside Damian Marley in front of a waving Ethiopian flag and camouflage backdrop and around halfway through the song, he turned around to reveal the number seven jersey — which was Colin’s number when he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers — with ‘Colin K’ on the back.


Fans quickly took to Twitter to show their support for Jay Z’s actions:

Kaepernick made headlines when he refused to stand for the national anthem over a year ago.

He subsequently parted ways with the 49ers back in March and has yet to be signed by another team, which is crazy considering there are a number of NFL teams crying out for a decent quaterback!

Since the incident, Kaepernick’s actions have inspired dozens of other NFL players to protest during the anthem – they’ve done so by kneeling, locking arms, or remaining in the locker room during the song.


Shock horror though, these actions have caught the attention of the POTUS, Donald Trump, who has spoken out about the players protesting as well as annoying the hell out of those who support him!

Mr Trump has stated he feels strongly about how NFL coaches should fire anyone who doesn’t show respect for America by standing up during the anthem:

Reports surfaced last month about Jay Z declining an offer to perform at the Super Bowl LII half-time show – a usual coveted spot for any performer.

According to ESPN, during a performance in New York, Jay dedicated his song, The Story of O.J. to Colin as well as to the civil rights activist Dick Gregory.

The rapper said:

I want to dedicate this song to Colin Kaepernick tonight. I want to dedicate this song to Dick Gregory…

I want to dedicate this song to anybody that was held back and you overcame whatever it was.


Jay Z concluded his Saturday Night Live appearance by singing an emotional version of ‘I Apologize‘ – he was dressed in a plain white t-shirt, but his jersey had already left an impression on viewers across the country.

Trump supporters may agree with the president and Mr Z may have annoyed a lot of the US with his choice of clothing, but Jay Z, I salute you!

If history has taught us anything, we should always stand up for just causes.