Jennifer Lawrence Admits James McAvoy Shot Her With BB Gun While She Was Peeing


Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that her co-star James McAvoy caught her in a rather compromising situation while they were involved in a BB war. 

Both McAvoy and Lawrence were appearing on the Graham Norton Show to promote there latest film, X-Men: Apocalypse, when McAvoy brought up catching J-Law mid pee and riddling her with BB bullets.

To add insult to injury though Lawrence wasn’t sat down when the Professor X actor caught her with her trousers down, instead she was using an infamous ‘Shewee’ because her costume meant she couldn’t use the bathroom normally.

James-McAvoy-and-Jennifer-Lawrence-Close-UpTwentieth Century Fox

The embarrassing story came about after host Graham brought up the Mystique actresses new costume, previously she’d been forced to be covered in full body paint which she hated.

However this time round they made her a blue suit out of a ‘pantyhose’ type material, which is great but more than a little restrictive when it came to taking a pee.

df-03057_rTwentieth Century fox

She said: 

It’s like a blue pantyhose that goes around my whole body and I can’t sit to pee in. I can’t do any type of bathroom in, because the guys who made it were like she’s a girl she doesn’t go the bathroom. So I pee standing up, through a funnel.

McAvoy found the whole situation hilarious explaining that he, Michael Fassbender and Nick once caught her mid pee and pelted her with BB’s.

While that may be quite embarrassing for poor J-Law at least she didn’t have to get painted that’s a plus right?