Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t Actually Taking A Year-Long Break From Acting


Remember yesterday when everyone was saying that Jennifer Lawrence is going to take a year off from acting? Yeah, that’s not happening.

To be fair, the stories which did the rounds on the internet didn’t come out of nowhere, she did tell Entertainment Tonight that she was taking the year off to work with an organisation called Represent.Us.

She said in the interview:

It doesn’t have anything to do with partisan [politics]. It’s just anti-corruption and stuff, trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy.


But according to to Entertainment Weekly, J-Law is still planning to return to work when one of several projects in development is ready to go.

According to Digital Spy, these are the potential projects which could lure the Oscar-winning actress back in front of the camera: Ron Howard’s Zelda, Adam McKay’s Bad Blood, Luca Guadagnino’s Burial Rites, an as-yet-untitled project with Amy Schumer, Francis Lawrence’s Marita, Steven Spielberg’s It’s What I Do, or The Dive.

Lawrence recently came under fire online for her comments towards host Joanna Lumley during Sunday night’s BAFTA awards.

Lumley, who took over hosting duties from fellow legend Stephen Fry, was introducing Lawrence to the stage to give out the award for Outstanding British Film.

But the 27-year-old star didn’t seem to like her introduction.

Lumley said:

Right let’s start giving out some of these beautiful BAFTAs shall we?

And we start with the award for Outstanding British Film and who better to kick the whole evening off than the hottest actress on the planet.

Soon to be seen in Red Sparrow, it’s the ravishing Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence made her way onto the stage and said:

Hi, that was a bit much, but thank you Joanna.

Personally, this just seems like a bit of self deprecation, something us Brits are very adept at, so should recognise when we see it. But that wasn’t how folk on social media took it.

Although Jenny on Twitter saw some sense:

Puzzled by everyone accusing Jennifer Lawrence of being rude to Joanna Lumley. Joanna introduced her as being the ‘hottest actress on the planet’ & ‘ravishing’.

Jennifer laughed and modestly described the compliment as a ‘bit much’ but thanked her for it. How is that rude?

Preach Jenny, preach!