Jennifer Lawrence Recalls The Moment She Thought She Was Going To Die

by : Shola Lee on : 22 Nov 2021 15:29
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Jennifer Lawrence recalled the moment she thought she was going to die in a recent interview.

In summer 2017, Lawrence was travelling onboard a private jet from Louisville, Kentucky, to New York when both of the plane’s engines failed and the plane almost crashed.

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Talking to Vanity Fair about the near-death experience, Lawrence explained how there was a loud noise, and then the other passenger – the son of the Louisville doctor who delivered Lawrence and her two brothers – was called to the cockpit.

He returned and delivered the news that one of the engines had failed, but said that they could still make an emergency landing with just one.

But when they lost the second engine, the Silver Linings Playbook actress said, ‘My skeleton was all that was left in the seat.’


Lawrence continued, explaining that amid the distress and plane dips she ‘started leaving little mental voicemails to [her] family’. Curiously, she wanted to say, ‘I’ve had a great life, I’m sorry.’

The Oscar-winner explained that she wanted to apologise because she ‘just felt guilty’ for her loved ones and her dog, Pippi, who was also onboard.

She continued:


Everybody was going to be so bummed. And, oh, God, Pippi was on my lap, that was the worst part. Here’s this little thing who didn’t ask to be a part of any of this.

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Amid the chaos, Lawrence ‘started praying’, but to no one ‘specific God’ because the God she grew up with ‘was terrifying and a very judgemental guy’.

She started to consider what would happen if she survived:


But I thought, ‘Oh, my God, maybe we’ll survive this? I’ll be a burn victim, this will be painful, but maybe we’ll live.

In characteristic Lawrence style, she then joked, ‘Please, Lord Jesus, let me keep my hair. Wrap me in your hair-loving arms. Please don’t let me go bald.’

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Luckily, the plane made a safe –if bumpy – landing in Buffalo, and the relieved passengers hugged and cried with relief.


Understandably, the experience left Lawrence wary of flying, but unfortunately it’s still a big part of her life.

The star explained, ‘Flying is horrific and I have to do it all the time.’

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