Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Awkward Moment In Front Of ‘Star Wars’ Cast

by : UNILAD on : 16 May 2016 14:09

You’d think if you were Jennifer Lawrence at a party, there would a pretty good chance everyone would know who you are.


But apparently not, according to the actress herself.

Lawrence, who explained the awkward situation on The Graham Norton Show, said her first encounter with Harrison Ford and the Star Wars crew didn’t go quite as planned.

Apparently, the Oscar-winning actress danced her way over to Ford and the rest of the cast with full confidence they would recognise her, only to realise they actually had no idea who she was.


That would definitely suck.

You’d think one of them would have at least seen a poster for the Hunger Games, or watched one of the latest X-Men films? But apparently not. Lawrence was (obviously) left embarrassed and danced her way back to her friends.

And the evening was only made worse for her when lesser-known comedian Jack Whitehall took his turn to go over to the table and was welcomed by Harrison Ford with open arms.

It definitely would have been an awkward situation:

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    Jennifer Lawrence had an embarrassing moment in front of the 'Star Wars' cast