Jennifer Lawrence Says Nude Scenes In Red Sparrow Were Empowering

Sunrise / Seven Network

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about how she felt filming nude scenes in her latest film, Red Sparrow.

The 27-year-old star had apparently no qualms about strolling about the set completely naked. I’m sure if I looked like her, I’d be the same.

According to some reports, this had made some of her colleagues on the set ‘uncomfortable’ at the time.

Watch the trailer here:

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In Red Sparrow, Lawrence plays Russian spy Dominika Egorova who falls for Joel Edgerton’s CIA agent, Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Nash.

Following this unlikely meet-cute, femme fatale Dominika considers becoming a double agent.

20th Century Fox

One thing critics have been picking up on is the very explicit full-frontal nudity and sexual content.

Many scenes involved Jen’s birthday suit.

And rather than continually getting dressed and undressed, it seems Jen was happier keeping things very au naturel while kicking back on set.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Academy Award-winning leading lady admitted:

Everybody made me feel so comfortable that I probably at a certain point started making everybody else uncomfortable.

Because I’d be like, ‘I don’t want the robe. I’m hot. I’m eating.’ Everybody’s like, She needs to cover up.’

Sunrise / Seven Network

In her latest interview, with Sunrise, Lawrence said the naked scenes were actually ’empowering’ for her – especially after her nude photos were stolen when her phone was hacked back in 2014.

She said:

I had to really think about it before I even said yes to the movie. I couldn’t say yes … and then be like ‘can we not use those scenes’. The only way to do the movie is if I’m willing to push myself as far as my character is forced to go.

I actually left feeling empowered. I still feel empowered.

You can watch the full interview here.


Jen’s compelling performance is already gaining warm approval from critics, with Variety noting:

Lawrence, in this movie, shows you what true screen stardom is all about.

She cues each scene to a different mood, leaving the audience in a dangling state of discovery.

We’re on her side, but more than that we’re in her head. Even when (of course) we’re being played.

Nathan Edmondson wrote:

RED SPARROW is amazing and unexpected. Deep, dark, mature and heir to films like Tinker, Tailor. Jennifer Lawrence’s best work. Stays with you. Well done 20thcenturyfox, PeterChernin.

Jeff Sneider wrote:

RED SPARROW was absolutely gripping. I loved it. Jennifer Lawrence totally goes for it in a way few A-list actress could or would. It’s spellbinding and damn near Hitchcockian. A real film for adults. THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A MOVIE!

You can catch Red Sparrow in UK cinemas from March 1, 2018.