Jeremy Corbyn Finally Speaks Out About Labour Rebellion


Jeremy Corbyn isn’t having the best of times as Labour Leader in recent weeks.

Heavily criticised for a lack of enthusiasm in campaigning to remain in the EU, subject to a vote of no confidence which saw 172 MPs against his leadership compared to 40 for, and the vast majority of the shadow cabinet resigning – basically he is at the centre of a serious party rebellion.

But he does remain highly popular with great numbers of Labour’s membership, who continue to fight his corner.

Now, finally, the MP for Islington North has spoken out:

In the video, Corbyn calls on all members to ‘come together’, and highlights the successes of the party under his leadership.

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He points out that after nine months at the helm, Labour membership is at its highest ever, and that the Tory government has been rebuffed in parliament in attempts to cut tax credits, cut police funding, cut personal independence payments for the disabled, and attempts to academise all UK schools.

He added that Labour has also won every parliamentary by-election since his appointment for good measure.

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As reported by the BBC, Unite leader Len McCluskey has said the coup against Corbyn has failed, and now trade union leaders should broker the deal to reunite the party.

Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the TSSA Union, echoed the sentiment that trade union leaders should ‘mediate’, but blasted Corbyn’s critics as ‘petulant’, adding they ‘should have known better’.

Well if he does go, Jeremy Corbyn is certainly not going to do so without a fight.