Jeremy Corbyn Is Now Favourite To Become Next Prime Minister


It is happening. The shock result that nobody expected is teetering ever closer to reality. Jeremy Corbyn is now the bookies favourite to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Just hours ago the leader of the Labour Party was a rank outsider to become the next PM, but his tireless campaigning, debating, and coconut water drinking have paid off. A time of change is upon us.

Now, as we drift ever slowly closer to the end result Jeremy Corbyn is 10/11 to become the next Prime Minister whereas Theresa May is evens – making Jeremy Corbyn ever so slightly the bookies favourite.

Paddy Power

Depressingly – I have learnt the hard way that the bookies are very rarely wrong.

When a confident Theresa May called the snap election back in April, her eyes were set on a Conservative landslide victory. The election was merely to cement her position as a Prime Minister with the people behind her.


But oh how the tides have changed with the exit-poll suggesting a minority win for the Conservatives meaning either a coalition, which is highly unlikely, a minority government, which is also unlikely, or another election.

Only time will tell if the wizards over at Paddy Power are right yet again.