Jeremy Corbyn Threatens To Sue Labour Party Over Leadership Challenge

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Jeremy Corbyn has suggested he will go to court if he is blocked from automatically appearing on the ballot in a Labour leadership election.

The beleaguered Labour leader said he would ‘challenge’ any attempt to keep his name from the ballot paper during an interview on the Andrew Marr Show, reports The Telegraph.

During his appearance this morning Mr Corbyn siad:

The rules and my view are absolutely clear. I have taken soundings from lawyers I will be on the ballot paper.

While the Conservative party is embroiled in its own leadership election, Labour is proving to be a fantastically ineffective opposition as Angela Eagle launches a bid to oust Jeremy Corbyn.

The pair made their pitches this morning in TV interviews with Ms Eagle suggesting Mr Corbyn should not automatically be on the ballot.

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She said: 

He will have to find the nominations. I’m a gay woman with strong, Northern, working class roots. I think I’m the right person for this job at this time.

During his interview Mr Corbyn said he was ‘disappointed’ with Ms Eagle’s challenge and urged her to ‘think for a moment’ about her actions.

The crisis within Labour has seen the discontent of a large proportion of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) with Mr Corbyn’s leadership boil over.

172 front bench MPs – including the majority of the shadow cabinet – have backed a motion of no confidence in Mr Corbyn however he believes he still has a mandate to lead due to his enormous level of grassroots support within the wider Labour Party.

Ms Eagle said: 

[Mr Corbyn] had failed to fulfil his first and foremost duty – that is to lead an organised and effective PLP.

To be fair – a frightening lack of support from the vast majority of his colleagues probably isn’t helping with that…