Jeremy Corbyn’s High Five With Emily Thornberry Went Horribly Wrong

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jun 2017 09:35

Just when you thought Jeremy Corbyn’s defiance of all expectations couldn’t get any better, he goes for the most hilarious high-five in history.


Everyone laughed at Corbyn when he took control of the Labour party, and now they are still laughing, but for a very different reason.

As the Labour leader celebrated his 60.47% majority in his Islington North constituency with Islington South MP Emily Thornberry, he mis-read her finger gun as an invitation for a high-five.

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Yes, Corbyn did just accidentally high-five Emiy’s right breast after she removed her hand at a crucial moment.


Even after this hilarious faux pas, Jezza stands tall and absorbs the awkwardness.

Here’s a little gift for you…

I would love to know what Jeremy Corbyn was thinking in the moments after.

I think they should stick to hand shakes.

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    Smiling Jeremy Corbyn's high-five with Emily Thornberry goes wrong