Jeremy Corbyn’s High Five With Emily Thornberry Went Horribly Wrong


Just when you thought Jeremy Corbyn’s defiance of all expectations couldn’t get any better, he goes for the most hilarious high-five in history.

Everyone laughed at Corbyn when he took control of the Labour party, and now they are still laughing, but for a very different reason.

As the Labour leader celebrated his 60.47% majority in his Islington North constituency with Islington South MP Emily Thornberry, he mis-read her finger gun as an invitation for a high-five.

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Yes, Corbyn did just accidentally high-five Emiy’s right breast after she removed her hand at a crucial moment.

Even after this hilarious faux pas, Jezza stands tall and absorbs the awkwardness.

Here’s a little gift for you…

I would love to know what Jeremy Corbyn was thinking in the moments after.

I think they should stick to hand shakes.