Jeremy Hunt Made One Of The Most Ridiculous Expense Claims Ever

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After the whole junior doctors debacle you’d expect Jeremy Hunt to be on his best behaviour but he’s cocked up once again. 

The health secretary’s been caught claiming a measly 27p in expenses for two trips which were just 0.6 miles each.

Now while Mr Hunt’s perfectly within his rights to claim his expenses, it does feel a bit petty to claim such a paltry sum especially considering he’s a millionaire.

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Hunt who’s believed to be worth more than £10 million billed the taxpayer for two journeys in his South West Surrey constituency last December.

This isn’t the most pathetic expense claimed though, that dubious honour goes to another Tory, Julian Smith, who apparently claimed 9p for a journey of just over 300 metres in Skipton.

The insight into MP’s expenses comes after the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), released details of MPs’ finances this year.

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Hunt’s faced a lot of criticism in the last few weeks following the junior doctors decision to go on strike after he planned to extend their working hours to seven working days.

Junior doctors rejected the proposal,saying they were unreasonable while the health secretary argued that the quality of health care dipped over weekends causing an additional 6,000 deaths a year, because of the so called ‘weekend effect’.

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However researchers at Oxford University have argued that there is no evidence of the weekend effect and that Hunt’s claims were a ‘shambles’, blaming inaccurate data for the perceived spike in deaths.

The lead author of the report and professor of neurology at Oxford University, Prof Peter Rothwell, said there was “very little evidence indeed of a ‘weekend effect’.