Jeremy Kyle Announces Death Of His Most Iconic Guest


Jeremy Kyle paid tribute to one of his ‘favourite guests’ on the show as the woman’s family made yet another appearance.

A tribute was paid to Betty during Wednesday morning’s programme as her daughter Tracey and granddaughter Lucy appeared on the show blaming each other for her death.

Jeremy asked the pair to look at the screen as the tribute – featuring clips of Betty’s best bits – started.

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He said:

Someone put something on YouTube and it became an internet sensation, millions of hits.

I want you two to stop your hatred for one second and look at that screen and remember this lady, because I’m wondering what she’d think right now.


Tracey and Lucy understandably became emotional as Jeremy added:

Why can’t you draw a line in the sand in memory of that lady?

The pair were on the show talking about their long-standing feud which they said had ‘intensified’, with Lucy holding Tracey accountable for Betty’s death.

They both agreed, with Jeremy’s help, they would try and put their differences aside.

Rest in peace, Betty.