Jeremy Kyle Gets Floored By Woman Addicted To Drugs


Jeremy Kyle has made a glittering career out of flooring his misguided guests with quick quips and catty remarks.

But on this morning’s episode, 51-year-old Kyle got a taste of his own medicine in the most literal and physical way imaginable.

During a segment that saw two drug-addicted sisters battle it out – for what, we will never know, but it certainly wasn’t pride – Kyle was taken out by younger sister Kelly as she stormed on stage.

The cameraman artfully dodged the moment when Kyle fell to the floor, but captured him getting a hand up by his trusty security guard Steve.

Kyle jokingly berated the hulk of a man, yelling:

I’m just back from holiday. I opened my mouth and get flattened by that.

Steve where were you! I’m supposed to be the reason this show stays together… Where were you?

Meanwhile, on Twitter, viewers seemed to enjoy the mouth presenter’s take down.

The heated episode saw the usual debauchery from degenerate member of the Great British public.

With the new violent turn these scenes took, perhaps Jezza is taking a leaf out of Jerry Springer’s book.

But it seems no amount of yelling, screaming or physical steamrolling can keep Kyle down.