Jeremy Kyle Guest Busts Cheating Girlfriend In Most Disgusting Way


There’s a fair few reasons you can have to suspect your partner is cheating, but this one (fortunately) doesn’t come up too often…

A guest on the always eye-opening Jeremy Kyle Show suspected his fiancée of cheating because – gag – her breath ‘smelled of semen’.

In a segment called Did my fiancée cheat at the kebab shop? guest Simon revealed that when his partner Jade went missing for seven hours – saying she was going to the local takeaway – she came back with her mouth smelling ‘fishy’. Grim.

Simon claimed Jade went out with the girls and called him at 10pm but didn’t come home until 5am.

Kyle said:

I’ll be honest Simon, I don’t quite know how to put this. You had an argument with her and she went off. When she came back, you went to kiss her didn’t you?

In response, Simon explained: “She smelt a bit funny. Her breath had a fishy smell.”

As you can imagine, the comment caused a pretty big reaction among viewers:

Of course, an infamous Jeremy Kyle lie detector test revealed there was a 99.9 per cent probability that Jade had cheated – lying about staying at her grandma’s house.

Simon said:

I knew all along. Well, I’m off… I’ve just got some inheritance because my mum died. She probably would’ve spent that as well.


An understandably distressed Jade then ran from the studio as Kyle – ever the gracious gentleman, and never wishing to kick someone when they’re down – mocked her.

He called after her: 

The kebab shop is down the road… get chilli sauce sweetheart.

He really can be a savage.