Jeremy Kyle Guest Loses His Sh*t On Backstage Sofa


Jeremy Kyle viewers were stunned after a guest on today’s show lost his shit backstage and attacked a sofa.

20-year-old Shawn was appearing on the ITV show to resolve issues he had with his mother Margaret, and uncle Dorian.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Shawn had only been released from prison three weeks ago, having been imprisoned for holding someone at knifepoint.

His unpredictable temper soon reared its head:

Kyle did a pretty good job at calming a raging Shawn down, it has to be said.

He told Shawn:

You and I are going to get on great, do you know what I know that none of them know? None of them listen to you.

You watch this show so you know I am straight, what you have done is wrong but what I know about you is you are desperate to change but don’t know how to so are still lashing out.

The worst thing you must have heard today is that your mum is scared of you.

Despite Kyle’s sympathy, viewers seemed a lot more worried about the sofa…

Innocent studio sofas are normally only on alert when Tom Cruise is in the building.

Hopefully, Shawn will get the help he needs having already endured the spectacle that is the Jeremy Kyle Show.