Jeremy Kyle Guest Slammed As ‘The Worst Ever’ After Shocking Lie

by : Tom Percival on : 12 Dec 2016 16:10

The Jeremy Kyle Show isn’t afraid to scrape the bottom of the barrel while hunting for topics to cover on the show but today’s may be their worst yet.


On the latest episode of the popular ITV show viewers were shocked when it was revealed Vaughan, the guest in question, had stolen Christmas money from his own children, The Mirror reports.

Vaughan had been brought onto the show by his partner Annie, along with her best friend Pip and friend of six months Jemma, to find out which of them stole from her kids with a lie detector test.


Despite being found guilty when he failed the lie detector test he continued to deny he’d stolen from his children, even swearing on their lives, The Mirror reports.


Getting desperate, he tried to claim the lie detector hadn’t worked because he’d gotten ‘smashed on drugs’ the night before but Jeremy refuted this insisting that would have brought up an inconclusive result.


Ironically, before the results were announced Vaughan had said whoever had stolen the cash was the ‘the lowest of the low’.

People on social media were disgusted by Vaughn’s behaviour branding him a ‘scummy twat’ while another said he was simply disgusting.

Vaughan and Annie have apparently been trying to work on their relationship since the results.

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