Jeremy Kyle Guest Who Helped Raise Dead Brother’s Baby Receives Heartbreaking News


A Jeremy Kyle guest who bonded with his dead brother’s baby broke down in tears after a DNA test revealed heartbreaking news.

The baby’s mother, Jess, appeared on the ITV show on Monday to find out who the biological father of her seven-month-old son Ethan was.

The man she claimed was her child’s father, Sean, was killed in a motorbike accident in April 2016.

Desperate to prove to Sean’s family and friends that he is the father, Jess told Jeremy: “I met Shaun nearly two years ago through his sister Stacey and we had a fling. He moved back to Dagenham but we stayed friends.”

Jess said she fell pregnant shortly after and Sean asked if there was a chance he could be the father. She claimed there was a ‘99.9% chance Sean is the dad’.

Sean’s family said they ‘stepped up to help support Jess and Ethan’, but after hearing countless rumours, they feared he could not be the boy’s biological parent.

Sean’s sister Stacey said: “I just want to know if that’s my brother’s baby. It would mean hell of a lot.”

Her brother, Rob, who visits the child every day, said: “The baby looks like him.”


According to the show, the baby’s mother told ‘seven people they could be the dad’, but Jess claims she’s only ‘told three’.

Confident that Sean was the father, she even took in his ashes after he died and told his parents: “This is your grandchild.”

The DNA results on the show, however, proved it was not.

After finding out the baby is not his brother’s son, Rob stormed off stage in tears. He was too emotional to speak on camera and was taken away by a therapist.


Jess apologised to Rob and Stacey, to which Stacey replied:

I need to grieve for my brother.

It’s all over now but that little boy deserves to know who his dad is.

What a devastating reveal.