Jeremy Kyle Guest Who ‘Stole £18,000 From Family’ Branded ‘Worst Liar Ever’


A woman has been branded the worst liar ever after being accused of stealing £18,000 worth of her gran’s jewellery.

The whole debacle, of course, took place on Jeremy Kyle when Shenice was brought on the show by her father Aaron, reports The Mirror.

23-year-old Shenice denied she was behind the disappearance of the jewellery, accusing her loved ones of turning her into the ‘black sheep’ of the family.

According to Kyle, Shenice claimed she was ‘completely innocent,’ despite stealing from her friends and family in the past.

Shenice’s dad said:

Something happened to her when she was younger – which is too painful to go into – and she rebelled in the wrong way.

Shenice responded:

No one has really ever wanted to know me. Don’t bring up my past, I didn’t do this.


Her younger sister, Sharon, then accused Shenice of stealing yet another piece of jewellery – a sentimental ring she had received from a boyfriend.

Although she was pretty emotional throughout the segment, it seems that – as well as her own family and Kyle – viewers didn’t believe her either.

A number of people tweeted their views:

Although they’re not 100 per cent accurate, the lie detector results suggested that Shenice was lying about the thefts, at which point she ran backstage.

Kyle followed close behind and said:

Darling, I don’t believe you, and I’m supposed to be impartial.


However, Shenice’s family were actually pretty understanding about the whole thing.

“If you admit this, I will forgive you,” said her father, who showed that he was willing to support her. “Just admit it and we can crack on.”

They do say you can’t choose your family…