Guy Says He Can’t Be Baby’s Dad Because She Looks Like Phil Mitchell And ET


A delightful young man appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show this week demanding a DNA test to prove he wasn’t the dad of his ex’s baby.

In the process, Joe accused ex Sarah of taking drugs, of cheating on him and said she looked like ‘Barbie on crack’ – savage.

Joe also told Jeremy the one-year-old girl couldn’t possibly be his because she didn’t look anything like him but looked like ‘a cross between ET and Phil Mitchell’.

Bloody hell, Joe.


The young charmer told Jeremy:

When we first met she had sex with someone that night. I have messages showing her texting other people.

I finished with her because of that and all the stress, agony and fighting. She is like Barbie on crack. The first time we met she was smoking and sniffing.

There’s a Facebook page of potential dads. Who would pay for a baby that you think isn’t yours?


When Lauren was introduced on the stage, she called Joe a neglectful dad and accused him of using threats of violence against her.

She said:

He said he would kick the baby out of my stomach when I told him I was pregnant. I text him every day telling him to come and see his daughter and he won’t.

She shared a number of nasty texts she’d received from Joe and told Jeremy she ‘wouldn’t give up contacting him’ because she was ‘one million per cent sure’ he was the dad.

Cue – everybody thinking he was going to be the dad – but noooo. When the DNA results proved Joe was in fact ‘not the child’s biological father’ – viewers were stunned.

Joe, who was happy about the outcome, said he would ‘go back to his life and carry on working’.

But this, as usual on this show, was not the end of it. The classic ‘the results are wrong’ card came out and Lauren insisted Joe was definitely her daughter’s dad.

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Jeremy eventually shouted: “The test shows there is no chance he is the father. There is no DNA match! You are a cheat and a liar! Who is the father?”

She said: “I don’t know. Get me off the show innit, now.”