Jeremy Kyle’s Security Guard Shocks Viewers With Answer About His Personal Life


A security guard was the unexpected star of the Jeremy Kyle Show today after he answered a question about his sex life.

The question was prompted after David – a guest who was awaiting lie detector results after being accused by his fiancée of cheating on her – confessed he and his partner Chelsea didn’t have sex with each other for a whole year.

Check out the video here:

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Jeremy was shocked by this revelation and decided he’d like to get some opinions from some of the other men in the studio – including security guard, Steve.

He asked:

Would you stay with a woman if she didn’t put out for a year?

Steve answered ‘yeah’, adding: “If you love her.”

Another crew member, a cameraman named Kyle wasn’t so thoughtful in his response, saying: “Not a chance,” when faced with the same question.


Cue viewers across the country taking to Twitter to declare their love for Steve:

And then there was this….

You da man, Steve.