Jeremy McConnell Facing 24 Years In Prison

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Model and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jeremy McConnell could face 24 years in one of Turkey’s most notorious prisons, according to reports.


McConnell, 27, was recorded apparently bragging about his stash of cocaine in a Turkish villa in footage obtained by The Sun Online.

The Sun Online say those who go against Ankara’s ‘strict drug rules’ could see themselves facing ‘up to 24 years in prison, the Foreign Office warns’.


He is heard saying:


You are all chickens. I’ve got coke in that f*****g villa, sitting there waiting for my nose to come.

McConnell is not believed to have been challenged by authorities.

According to The Sun Online, an international prison watchdog revealed ‘torture is widespread’ in prisons in Turkey, stating ‘more than 700 cases’ were reported over the course of a year.

The Sun Online continues:

While outbreaks of e-coli are rife and fresh water is often only available for two hours every day.

Up to four people can be forced to share one bed at a time and access to healthcare is sparse, Penal Reform International said.

Jeremy has been on holiday in Turkey all week during a short break from his community service which he has to complete after avoiding jail for attacking ex girlfriend Stephanie Davis.

But the break looks to have landed him in hot water yet again.

This latest video footage was taken by a fellow hotel guest sneakily filming McConnell without him knowing.

Joshua Colin, who was also staying at the Hotel Aquasis Deluxe Resort, told The Sun Online:


He’d been drinking with three friends in the bar in the hotel lobby, and it was about 1am when he started standing up and shouting.

There were at least fifteen people in the bar and he was just ranting – he looked drunk. When he realised that I’d taken the video, he told me ‘delete that video’.

When I said ‘no’, he said if I sent it anywhere, he’d slap me. He didn’t look in a very good way at all.

Jeremy’s spokesperson claims the model was just joking, saying:

It is well known that Jeremy is still in recovery from his addiction. Jeremy likes to make light-hearted jokes about drug use which can sometimes be misconstrued.

In the past, Jeremy has admitted his struggles with addiction, telling The Sun:

The stuff I’ve seen, the stuff I’ve done… I’m surprised I’m not dead with the way I’ve partied.


The model has faced a lot of media attention for his antics following his exit from the CBB house, mainly due to his on-off relationship with Steph Davies, the mother of his son Caben Albi.

He was in court back in August charged – and subsequently found guilty – of assaulting Davies on March 10 this year in an argument over ‘drugs and a sex toy’.


McConnell was handed a 20-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

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    Jeremy McConnell risks 24 years in Turkish prison for boasting on camera that he’s ‘got coke in his villa’ to holidaymakers