Jeremy McConnell Sentenced To Prison Weeks Before Christmas

Channel 5/Getty

Jeremy McConnell is going to be spending the festive period behind bars after being sentenced to prison time for breaching a community order.

The Irish reality TV star was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court.

The court activated his suspended jail term for going to Turkey to get a hair transplant, thus breaching his community order.

This doesn’t seem to have come as a surprise for McConnell, who posted on Instagram a snap of a simple message.


He posted:

If I don’t see yas have a good Christmas

His original suspended sentence was handed to him for throwing the mother of his child and fellow reality TV star Stephanie Davis ‘around like a rag doll’ while she was holding their child.

In August, he was handed a 20 week suspended sentence and was also made to carry out 200 hours of community service and ordered to attend a Building Better Relationships course.

It took McConnell just three months to break his order after The Sun Online revealed he ‘ditched’ community service to get himself a hair transplant in Turkey.


At the time, a source close to The Sun said:

Jeremy has been reckless and stupid to think that the law wouldn’t catch up with him. He skipped dates so he could go out partying with his mates in Turkey and now it’s caught up with him.

He’s had a hair transplant but the price could be a stint behind bars.

He’s put his hands up though and will face the music on Thursday.

Jeremy doesn’t seem that bothered about going back to court but that could all change depending on what the judge decides.


Last month we reported on a video which surfaced of McConnell bragging about having a stash of cocaine in a villa in Turkey.

McConnell, 27, was recorded apparently bragging about his stash of cocaine in a Turkish villa in footage obtained by The Sun.

They reported those who go against Ankara’s ‘strict drug rules’ could see themselves facing ‘up to 24 years in prison, the Foreign Office warns’.

He was heard saying:

You are all chickens. I’ve got coke in that f*****g villa, sitting there waiting for my nose to come.

Joshua Colin, who was also staying at the Hotel Aquasis Deluxe Resort, told The Sun Online:

He’d been drinking with three friends in the bar in the hotel lobby, and it was about 1am when he started standing up and shouting.

There were at least fifteen people in the bar and he was just ranting – he looked drunk. When he realised that I’d taken the video, he told me ‘delete that video’.

When I said ‘no’, he said if I sent it anywhere, he’d slap me. He didn’t look in a very good way at all.

Jeremy’s spokesperson claimed the model was just joking, saying:

It is well known that Jeremy is still in recovery from his addiction. Jeremy likes to make light-hearted jokes about drug use which can sometimes be misconstrued.

Jeremy McConnell’s spokesperson is yet to make an official comment on the 18 week sentence over Christmas.