Jeremy Renner Confirms Avengers 4 Return With Behind The Scenes Photo


Warning: Spoilers

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It would be unfair to put the destruction of half the universe on any one person *cough* Star-Lord *cough* but I think we can all agree Hawkeye probably shouldn’t have skipped the Battle of Wakanda. 

Now, I’m not saying a guy whose superpower is literally ‘owning a bow and arrow’ is necessarily the best to take down a purple space d*ckhead with the power to rewrite reality, but it couldn’t have hurt.

After all, there were plenty of moments where Hawkeye could have ‘gone for the head’, like immediately after Thor (who shoulders an awful lot of the blame for Thanos’ victory) had stabbed the Mad Titan in the chest.

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And sure, you can argue his commitment should be to his family, but considering the dire stakes of Thanos getting his hands on all the Infinity Stones – like his family being wiped out – you’d have thought it would have been easy to convince him to come along?

Thankfully, Jeremy Renner has confirmed the ‘marksman with the mostest’ is actually going to turn up for work in Avengers 4, with a new Instagram post.

Unfortunately, it seems poor Hawkeye’s been in the wars… the Infinity Wars!

To be honest the fact he’s returning is hardly a surprise, we’ve known basically since Infinity War came out, Clint was going to make an appearance in the untitled Avenger’s sequel.

Just a few months ago some concept art even leaked showing Hawkeye in the new Avengers line-up along with Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man, who also didn’t turn up to stop Thanos.

Quite how much help Hawkeye and Ant-Man will be against a full powered, Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos when not even Scarlet Witch, Vision and Black Panther could stop him, I don’t know.

What I do know however, is the newest, most marvellous, Avenger is going to be very useful in kicking Thanos’ purple arse all over the galaxy.

Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) has been described by Kevin Feige as the most powerful Avenger yet in the MCU and from what we’ve seen in her brand spanking new trailer, he isn’t lying.

Flight, super strength, invulnerability and energy blasts are just a few of the good Captain’s incredible powers.

More than that though, she’s also got a cracking right hook on her, as the little old lady, who may or may not be a shape-shifting Skrull, from her trailer, can attest.

Set in the ancient past, the nineties, Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force fighter pilot-turned-space-faring superhero, who returns to Earth to figure out who she really is.

Unluckily, Carol’s not come alone and she soon finds herself caught in the centre of an intergalactic conflict between the Kree (who you may remember from Guardians of the Galaxy) and the Skrulls.

She’ll be joined by a two-eyed Nick Fury, played by a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson, and Son of Coul, agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Captain Marvel cruises into cinemas on March 8, 2019!

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