Jesse’s House From Breaking Bad Is Up For Sale And Expensive


If you’ve ever wanted to hang out in the house where Jesse Pinkman and Walter White concocted some of their greatest schemes, you’re in luck because Cap’n Cook’s crib has just hit the market.

Most estate agents would probably struggle to sell a house in which the previous occupants had dissolved the entire first floor while trying to dispose of the body of a murder victim.

But, considering that those inhabitants were the stars of Breaking Bad, it’s made the two Albuquerque estate agents’ job that little bit easier.

The four bedroom house is being marketed on website ‘BreakingBadHouse’ and people are being invited to “Live like Jesse” – by which we assume they mean to party and have fun, rather than get involved in the highly dangerous meth production business!

To be fair, they do add, “Meth lab, not included” – just in case that was a deal breaker.

Described as “a classic Spanish Colonial revival home”, the house has wooden flooring, a gourmet kitchen, plus a garage, basement and laundry room for any, erm, extra-curricular activities.

The two receptions are both more than 22 feet long, while the kitchen is 18 feet by 15 feet. No wonder Jesse loved this place!

Not that Jesse’s infamous pad comes cheap, mind you. The mansion will set you back an eye-watering $1.6 million (£1m).

Still, given that items like Walter White’s underwear have sold for as much as $9,900, the demand for memorabilia from the show is clearly still in high demand. Plus, at least fans don’t keep trying to throw pizza on the roof of this particular house…