Jim Carrey Praised For Painting Of Elephant Killing Poachers


Jim Carrey has been busy with his paintbrush of late and his latest work of an elephant killing poachers has got him plenty of praised on social media.

The actor, and talented artist, posted a pic of the artwork earlier today (March 28) on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #teamelephant.

The painting features an angry looking elephant goring a gun toting poacher on each tusk:

It comes only a day after a Russian trophy hunter made the news after shooting dead a large bull elephant, known for the size of its tusks, in Zimbabwe.

According to Africa Geographic, the elephant, which was killed on March 7, was wearing a research tag.

Although it is not illegal to shoot animals wearing these tags, it is considered extremely unethical with the hunters claiming they did not notice it until the animal was dead.

Africa Geographic

Taking place in a conservancy called Naivasha which borders on the Gonarezhou National Park, the 14-day hunt led by Martin Pieters, the ex-chairman of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association, was legal.

Pieters and his unnamed Russian client went out with two trackers, a park ranger and a local council representative on the hunt.

Unable to see the male elephant completely due to it standing in thick bush, when Pieters saw the tusks he ordered his client to shoot.


The issue of trophy hunting is a controversial one as opponents call it immoral, unethical and cruel.

Others argue trophy hunting can actually ‘protect’ certain species as money earned from hunting permits can then be used to fund conservation projects.

It certainly causes arguments but it appears the majority of people are against it as seen by the positive reaction Carrey’s painting received.


Suzee replied to Carrey’s tweet writing:

Elephants are amazing creatures. They are the gentle giants of the animal world. They mate for life, look out for their family, celebrate births and mourn their dead. We could learn plenty from them.

These trophy hunters make me wonder who the real beast is.

Cindy Barnes commented:

Spot on Jim!!! That’s what will happen for messing with our elephriends!

Cherry Hayes also applauded Carrey writing:

Oh my god, I love this SO MUCH!! This is how I picture the Toxic Twins meeting their demise… Elephant Retribution. Thank you Jim Carrey!

Carrey has been on a role recently with his art as his paintings have been in the headlines the past week as he tackles controversial topics.

Not afraid to shy away from US politics, the 56-year-old shared a painting which portrays US President Donald Trump having sex with Stormy Daniels.

Carrey called it ‘Fifty Shades of Decay’:

The former adult actress, real name Stephanie Clifford, claims she slept with Trump numerous times before he was president.

Wanting to go public with the alleged affair in the run up to the election, Daniels claims she was paid $130,000 in 2016 by Trump’s then lawyer Michael Cohen to stay quiet about the relationship.

Recently she filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles’ Superior Court suing the president alleging he was aware of the agreement and that the money was intended to be used to influence the election’s outcome.


Last year Carrey painted a picture of Trump kissing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s buttocks.

Keep your wonderful work coming, Jim!

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