Jim Carrey Shares Easter Selfie That Has Everyone Seriously Worried

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Jim Carrey is a total hero to a generation of people who grew up watching his films – but his latest tweet has fans very concerned.

The comedy genius has had a very troubled time in the last couple of years after the suicide of his former girl-friend, Cathriona White, and subsequent lawsuit.

Now after sharing a selfie for Easter, fans are worried the tough times have affected his health:

I mean, he looks happy, but pretty rough round the edges. It’s a bit more Tom Hanks in Castaway than Carrey’s iconic slick stylings of his 90s films.

Of course, Carrey is 55, and age is a thing that happens to everyone – even famous people. But I’ve definitely seen healthier looking 55-year-olds.

After the death-fest that was 2016 you can see why people are worried about the Ace Ventura star:


In fairness it sure is a different look to his classic haircut in Dumb And Dumber:

However, Indie Wire suggest that Carrey’s dishevelled new look could be for an upcoming role in a film, The Bad Batch.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and has a very stylised set of characters in motley dress, Jim Carrey sports a wild beard and some snazzy cardboard shades.

You can see Jim Carrey in character in the trailer:

As ever with Jim Carrey, its hard to know whether he’s really in trouble or if it’s all an act.

Hopefully, he is doing well and has plenty more films and happy years ahead of him.