Jimmy Kimmel Continues Matt Damon Feud At Oscars With Hilarious Roast


The on-going war between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon rages on.

Kimmel and Damon’s ‘public’ feud knows no boundaries as proven by last night’s Oscars.

Amidst the announcement of wrong winners and deaths, host Jimmy Kimmel thought it perfectly fit to roast his long term nemesis in epic fashion in front of Hollywood’s elite.

He kicked of proceedings with a visceral takedown review of Damon’s family friendly movie We Bought A Zoo. He sums up his performance, and quite possibly his career, as a man with ‘almost no discernible talent’.

Afterwards, when he and his BBF Ben ‘I’m Batman, maybe I’m not’ Affleck came out to present the award for ‘Best Screenplay’, where he was introduced as his plus one.

To cap things off every time Damon tried to speak, the ‘wrap it’ up music was being played. No points for guessing who the conductor was.

The war between Kimmel and Damon will never end, and to be honest we kind’ve of hope it doesn’t.

Their feud has lasted for a very long time and the level of pettiness knows no limit, which includes Matt Damon sleeping with Kimmel’s ex Sarah Silverman and Kimmel returning the favour by stealing Ben Affleck from him.