JME Reveals His Love Of Pokemon In Rare Interview


For anyone who isn’t entirely aware, grime MC JME doesn’t give many interviews, but he’s apparently only too pleased to talk about Pokemon till the cows (or Miltanks) come home. 

As most people who grew up playing Pokemon can attest, the urge to catch ’em all never really leaves you, and JME has embraced this desire and made it his quest in life. Hell, he even sampled the show’s theme tune in a song last year (which is fucking great, by the way).

Speaking to the Pokemon Channel for the 20th anniversary of the franchise, the rapper discusses how growing up, there was one card that always eluded him – a shiny Charizard.

But as luck would have it, our boy became a successful and popular rapper. As a result, when he recently put out an album on shiny gold vinyl, he offered to swap the record with fans who could give him his dream of a Charizard.

As JME said:

I remember swapping cards in a shop… this guy had a battered, crinkled Charizard, but he wouldn’t swap it for nothing. I recently put out an album with a shiny gold disk and a shiny gold vinyl and I offered to swap people my shiny vinyl for their Charizards.

If we could put out a gold record that was actually worth something to anyone, I’m sure we’d all swap it for Pokemon cards if we could, right? Watch the full interview below – it’s clear the man loves his Pokemon.

From no Charizard cards, to a picture frame full of glorious shiny Charizards (and a few first editions). If you ever feel like dreams don’t come true, just come back and watch this interview.