Joanna Lumley’s Leonardo DiCaprio Secret Just Broke Millions Of Hearts


Joanna Lumley might just be the luckiest woman to walk planet Earth.

Not only is she currently hired by the BBC to travel the world and tell us about her adventures as we sit on saggy sofas at home, Joanna Lumley actually got to kiss Hollywood heartthrob and all-round good egg, Leonardo DiCaprio on her last job in The Wolf of Wall Street.

In case you missed it, you can watch the intimate moment in the clip below, courtesy of Paramount Pictures:

But – looking a gift horse directly in the mouth and kissing it – Joanna compared the experience to “kissing someone in a dentist’s waiting room”.

The 71-year-old national treasure co-starred in The Wolf of Wall Street with DiCaprio, who played the notorious banker Jordan Belfort, as his elegant Aunt Emma.

As her character helped him hide his fortune in off-shore Swiss bank accounts, the pair of acting veterans shared an on-screen moment.

Paramount Pictures

Speaking at a dinner for the Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope charity, the Absolutely Fabulous actress revealed she “did kiss Leonardo DiCaprio, about 15 times in fact”,  but the experience wasn’t all that sweet.

Joanna added:

I’ll let you into a secret. It’s actually no fun kissing actors, no fun at all. There are so many takes and you both have to chew so much chewing gum. It’s like kissing someone in a dentist’s waiting room.


Leo seemed not to mind so much.

He once dubbed Joanna “an incredibly beautiful, charming woman” and told the Evening Standard, “We decided on those make-out sessions that we have quite spontaneously and she rolled with it. I loved that flirting scene we had together.”

No stranger to steamy on-set shoots, DiCaprio and Margot Robbie made film history with that scene, which you can watch below:

It seems Leo got a pretty tough time from his female co-stars in the 2013 blockbuster; Margot Robbie recently revealed she aced her audition by slapping the Titanic actor round the face, impressing both Leo and Martin Scorsese.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of women out there who will happily step in as Robbie or Lumley’s understudy.