Joe Biden Had The Best Reaction To Seeing ‘Hot Joe Biden’ Picture

by : UNILAD on : 27 Mar 2017 19:01

Walking meme and occasional former Senator and Vice President, Joe Biden, is one of the Internet’s most loved over 70s.


Despite his highly decorated career in the Democrat Party, that isn’t the only reason the Internet adores him.

God no, they love him because of this photo – which even I can say makes me quiver with orgasmic delight.


Back in November this photo went uber viral and I don’t think I even need to say why.

For a long while Uncle Joe has known he was a meme. Hell, just last month Biden’s daughter revealed that when he first came across the memes he ‘sat there for an hour and laughed’.


But only now has Joe opened up about that photo of his younger, handsome, American self. More specifically, Biden signed a poster of the photo after giving a speech in Virginia on Wednesday.

And how did he react? ‘He laughed so hard’, according to Milena Michael who asked the former Vice President to get signing along with other student Ravin Hassan, reports Buzzfeed.

Milena added:

He told us that this [was taken] the weekend that he met his wife.


I wonder what she saw in him.

Milena, Ravin, we salute you.

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