Joe Biden Says ‘Democracy Has Prevailed’ In First Speech As President

by : Saman Javed on : 20 Jan 2021 17:04
Joe Biden Says 'Democracy Has Prevailed' In First Speech As PresidentCNN

Joe Biden said ‘democracy has prevailed’ in his first speech as the 46th US President.

‘This is America’s day this is democracy’s day. A day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve,’ Biden said.


Speaking of the recent chaos at the US Capitol on January 6, which he described as trying to ‘silence the will of the people’ he said: ‘America has been tested anew and America has risen to the challenge. Today we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate but of a cause, the cause of democracy.’

Watch his address here:


Following months of unsubstantiated claims from Donald Trump that the 2020 election was compromised by fraud, Biden said: ‘The will of the people has been heard and has been heeded.’


He cautioned that the US must ‘confront’ its most pressing issues to move forward, including the rise of political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism.

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Comparing his inauguration to 1863, when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Biden said:

‘Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this, in bringing America together and uniting our people and uniting our nation.’


‘With unity, we can do great things, important things. We can put people to work in good jobs, we can put children in safe schools and we can deliver racial justice,’ he continued.

Speaking of the stark political divide in the country, he pledged to be a ‘president for all Americans’, including those who did not support him in the election.

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He argued that unity is the only way forward for the country:


I know speaking of unity can sound like a foolish fantasy, the forces that divide us are deep and real, and they are not new. Our history has been a constant struggle between the American ideal that we are all equal and the harsh ugly reality that racism, nativism fear have long torn us apart.

Acknowledging the challenging times ahead for the US, Biden urged that the ‘battle is perennial and victory is never assured’.

However, he promised to ‘defend the constitution and American democracy’, urging US citizens to ‘see each other not as adversaries, but as neighbours’.

‘We can treat each other with dignity and respect. Stop the shouting and lower the temperature. Without unity there is no peace,’ he said.


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