John Cena Has Incredible Message About What It Is To Truly Be American


John Cena is a man with a massive following and he has taken the opportunity to use his platform in order to spread a very worthy message.

As America celebrates their independence today, July 4, John Cena shared a video to explain what it is to truly be American.

Check it out:

The wrestling superstar explains that the nation is made up of a massively diverse population, and that is what makes America great – the right for its citizens to be who they want to be.

He explains how love has the ability to unite regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, or any aspect of life in which people differ, and it is love that ought to be celebrated today of all days, not hate, prejudice, or bigotry.

Cena hasn’t just hit the nail on the head, he has smashed it.

Hear, hear!