John Cleese Claims That Political Correctness Has Gone Mad


Legendary comedian John Cleese has spoken out against ‘political correctness’ saying it’s gone from a good idea to outright censorship likening it to 1984.

In a video for Big Think, the former Python explained how he gets offended everyday but he doesn’t expect it to stop, he just speaks out about it.

Cleese goes on to say that although political correctness can shield those who can’t protect themselves it’s potentially dangerous as it stifles criticism and alternate ways of thinking.

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He explained: 

The idea that you have to be protected form any kind of uncomfortable emotion is one I absolutely do not subscribe to.

When you’re around super sensitive people you can’t relax and be spontaneous because you’ve no idea what’ll upset them.

The comedian also explained that a psychiatrist told him that when people can’t control their own emotions they have to start trying to control other peoples behaviour and that’s wrong.

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Cleese goes on to say that people don’t have the right to be ‘protected from any kind of uncomfortable emotion’ and defended the right to freedom of expression for comedians worldwide.

The lesson here’s obvious we need to find a happy medium between humour and peoples sensitivity.