John Oliver Roasts David Cameron In Hilarious Response To Pig Scandal


John Oliver Roasts David Cameron header image

Last week, the internet went wild when claims emerged from a new book that UK Prime Minster David Cameron once put his penis in the mouth of a dead pig during a bizarre initiation ceremony.

The fallout since the alleged story came to light has been, quite frankly, glorious. And now, much to our delight, comedian John Oliver has finally given his own thoughts on the situation in a hilarious new clip from his U.S TV show Last Week Tonight.

As roasts go, this is one of the best and is almost guaranteed to have you squealing with laughter!

Of course, David Cameron has since publicly denied the allegations, claiming that former Tory donor and co-author of the biography Lord Ashcroft is telling complete porkies with his allegation in the book.

And, yes, Oliver is quick to point out, “This is just the word of a single source, published in an unauthorised biography – we do not know if this is true. But please, please, let it be true!”

The presenter even finds time to call out the British media for their apparently inability (or, perhaps, failure) to properly cover a story which he describes as, “Hitting the perfect sweet spot between one of the most horrific things ever and one of the most amazing things ever.”

Hard to disagree with Mr Oliver on that one!