John The Milkman Delivers Milk Despite Treacherous Weather

by : UNILAD on : 02 Feb 2018 18:59

Britain is currently struggling as Storm Emma batters the nation – but plenty of people are powering through despite the snow, ice and strong winds.


John the milkman is one of those people.

Despite the below-freezing temperatures, he’s still making sure the people on his rounds have their milk in time for their cups of tea and coffee at breakfast.

Leanne Wood shared a picture of a pint of milk half-buried in snow outside her door on Twitter and wrote:


Not only overjoyed to still have milk delivered to the door, but impressed beyond that it’s been delivered today. The #Rhondda is under snow yet John the Milk still does his rounds. Da iawn a diolch John. Fantastic. [sic]

This is despite much of Wales being given a red weather warning. Well done, John.

He’s obviously not the only one keeping it together. As the treacherous weather continues to cause absolute havoc, the heroes of our nation, also known as NHS staff, have stepped up once more.

There’ve been reports of NHS staff walking for miles to get to work, sleeping over at hospitals and as usual, working overtime as we’re hit by a spate of extreme weather.

One surgeon walked almost three hours to get to hospital so he could perform an operation on a patient with cancer, the BBC reports.

NHS Million wrote on Twitter:

Please help us get #ThankYouNHS trending today for all the NHS staff who have slept overnight in hospital, worked double (or even triple) shifts, walked for hours to get to work, so much more.

And all so they can care for our loved ones.


One doctor tweeted:

Salute to the NICU staff Queen Elizabeth University Hospital 4 staying for the night after a 12 hr day shift to cover 4 those who couldn’t make it to work due to the weather. I have no words to appreciate & thank u all hats off a BIG THANK U. [sic]

Claire Moffat wrote:

My lovely Mum walked 2.5 miles through the snow to get to the hospital she works in.

There are no buses running at all in Edinburgh so will most likely have to walk back after her 10hr shift. #ThankYouNHS

Good work!

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    Surgeon walks for two hours and 50 minutes to perform operation